We host a variety of classes suited to all ages and abilities. Whether you wish to improve your fitness and self-defence abilities or have the ambition to take part in Olympic Taekwondo competitions we have classes and lessons that suit you. Ultimate Taekwondo has coaches that specialise in traditional and the Sports side aspect of Taekwondo.

Mixed age/ability classes

These classes are suitable for everybody – all ages and abilities.    They are particularly good for when families want to train together.All aspects of Taekwondo are covered in these sessions:

  • Traditional Taekwondo and Grading preparation
  • Kicking kick targets
  • Self-Defence
  • Fitness
  • Basic sparring


These sessions are focussed on the traditional Martial Art of Taekwondo and as such help the students prepare for grading examinations.    Here we will practice patterns, self-defence, breaking boards as well as technique work on blocking, kicking, strikes and stances.

Sport Taekwondo Classes

These sessions are focussed on the Olympic style of Taekwondo sports fighting and training. Hard physical sessions with fitness work, sparring drills, padwork and sparring. They will be taught from novices up to European, World and Olympic level athletes.

Everybody who wants to take part in WTF Taekwondo competition should attend these sessions.

Taekwondo Tots

The tots classes are designed specifically for the 3-6 age group.

Whilst learning the basic techniques of Taekwondo such as blocks, kicks and punches the emphasis of the classes is FUN.    The lessons develop the ‘life skills’ of co-ordination, balance, focus, concentration, teamwork and leadership, listening and following instructions.

The lessons are taught in a happy and controlled environment and will help the personal development of children in 5 key areas:  self esteem, discipline, controlling aggression, confidence and self-protection.

Private Lessons

These are available for any students to book.   Some have regular private lessons every week and others just book to prepare for Grading Examinations or specific events.